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Raise fund for our SMK Tebakang Ted-Ed Stage Day

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Hello everyone! My name is Jamie from Malaysia!

I am the Club Leader of TEDEd Club at SMK TEBAKANG. We are going to have our TEDEd Club Stage Day and we are currently lack of funding.

SMK Tebakang TED-ED club activities

TED-ED (Technology, Entertaiment, Design – Education) is a public speaking activity that the speaker share a worth spreading idea and mostly have purpose to get more knowledge and to educate. The speaker present their idea in the most innovative and engaging ways they can

At the TED-ED club in our school, we have several members, and during my active year, we do many activities and joined some event and even some of member won some competitions. Many talented person that TED ED club here taught the member to expressing idea and make it unique as possible. As formyself, i did beatbox when deliver the speech :)

We give speech at newspaper company, at another school and also talk in the radio program! And myself became the winner for 2 row champion since last year.

I really grateful for joining and became part of TED-ED club member of SMK Tebakang!

Our club wants to organize TED-ED stage day!

This is our second year that we are going to have our Stage Day.

This year we are combining with a TEDEd Club from a primary school. Therefore, we are planning to have a mini district Stage Day as at the same time we plan to promote TEDEd Club to our district. With that we are expecting 100 guests and 20 participants as we will share the Stage Day platform for our guest speakers to PITCH their ideas. Every idea is worth sharing. That’s the main purpose of the Stage Day; for the students to share and spread their idea.

insufficient financial aid

So far we have zero funding from the school and Parent-Teachers Association (PTA).

We need the fund for, refreshments and welcome souvenirs to the participants, print our banner/poster, to do some decorations on stage, miscellaneous and IF we do get some funding- we would love our TEDEd Club members to have a TEDEd Club T-shirts. For the T- shirts, we have 30 members for Secondary school and 10 members from Primary (40 members & 5 teachers advisor, TOTAL 45 T-shirts).

Detail on needed funds

Our target is $250(RM1,047.45) especially to cover refreshments for 100-150 guest. We would want to provide good hospitality to our guests. No event is complete without refreshments and little gift( we plan to give badges to our guests).


Our schedule for TEDEd Club Stage Day, 27 September 2019(Saturday) and the clocknis ticking. If we do not have sufficient funding, we might need to postpone our Stage Day to next year cycle.

Nevertheless, we have positive thoughts that we would get enough funding before the due date (14 September 2019) as our members from seconyand primary schools have work really hard on their content to be shared for Stage Day. Every story and idea deserve to be heard and Stage Day is providing the platform to the students. Not all students are bornbto be speakers thus this is their only chance to share their story in a TED style talk presentation. We really HOPE we would achieve our target so our *voices, stories and ideas could be heard.

We value and appreciate all your supports and shares. With our theme CHANGE: BE BOLD, the students are challenging themselves to speak in front of the audience. We need the support. THANK YOU

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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