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Tackle the Malaysia Laundry Industry problem Using Uber-Like App!

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Hi There! My name is Hafidz from malaysia!

Recently, i launched my new business in laundry category using Uber- Like App. I need to raising funds for advertisement so that my business will be more known widely!

Bounce back from previous entrepreneurship failure

Around last year, at January 2018 I made an entrepreneur plan about chemical startup. That plan doesn't going well then i stopped it.

Going broke, depressed, miserable, hitting rock-bottom, But i am not thinking for giving up!

Then from starting this year, Since january 2019 - august I was looking for another opportunity. Just around august i started to make real my idea about uber like laundry app!

The Start of the Idea

After i got this idea, about 2 months from august i start to make this idea came real. This time I use my skill in web & app development to create UBER-Like app and to tackle the laundry industry problem in my country - Malaysia. More specifically in Kuala Lumpur & Putrajaya.

When someone needs Dry-Cleaning services (or ironing services, whatever fall under laundry industry job scope), the client can make an order via My app. Then i will collect, then will wash/dry-clean that laundry and return back to the client. As simple as that! And this service is validated and now start to gain traction. Other than that, the client can know the process in real-time (whether it is now washed? Ironed? or ready for return?), to track driver location, and make a live chat.

I finally able to make it true. Our business name is "Aden" and it just started this september! I already make the website and also available on google play too.

My website is ,

You can download at google play at

However, because it still new, I need to make my business be more known in public, to avoid any failure again in this entrepreneur startup business

My plan

Because my business still generating as a new business, i still need to spread it to make this business can be growth. For now, i only do "door to door" to spread some flyer to promoting my business to be known.

With this funds plan i raise, i planned to make a facebook ads.

What I need is USD1500 to do FB adverts and by that amount, my message can reach up to 150-300K peoples who live in here. I think it is enough to generate awareness and some sales.


If i able to get enough funds, i will start to make design for be publish at facebook ads! but if it not going well, i have plan for seeking some investor and make proposal or doing offline approach to my customer, and tell my business person to person.

I really grateful if you able to support my business!

Thank you in advance!

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