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Have you ever fell in love before? Did you know that people said, Love is one of the only socially acceptable forms of insanity.. I didn't believe in that nonsense until 6 months ago, I made the best decision in my life, I took an exchange program to Singapore, and I'm staying here for one semester. The second day I got there, I met this girl and I fell madly, madly in love with her. Her name is Kelyne, she's Japanese, looked like she was half European half Asian. And she had the cutest Australian accent, cause she was exchange from Sydney. Now, I just absolutely adored this girl. Right off the bat, we just hit it off. You know we just started hanging out every single day. And one day, just in the next week, we were on the computer, and right in the hear of the moment, we bought a plane ticket to Thailand, for seven full days. After I made that decision, I was like 'HOLY SHIT what did I just do?' I just met this person and on top of that, I have never ever spent seven full days with another human being before, so I'm like, okay, two things are gonna happen. NUMBER ONE, either we are gonna kill each other, or NUMBER TWO, we are gonna fall madly in love. And of course you know it's a love story, so we did fall in love. And after we came back we did everything together. We had breakfast together, we studied together, we hang out with friends, we took like a million selfies every single day. Now, there's this one trip that we went in particular. After we came back from Thailand, we booked a couple of other ones, one trip in particular, and we are in this tiny little island in the Philippines. And we just went to  dinner in this restaurant, they had live music, they got some fresh mangoes, they had fresh fish, and after we exit that restaurant, I remember I looked up into the sky, and it's completely completely filled with stars. Just full of these, full of stars, and every ten fifteen seconds I would see a shooting star go by. Now I remember I was holding Kelyne's hand. And we are talking about life, we are talking about our biggest dreams. We are talking about our relationship with our family members. And in that moment, I just feel present. I've completely forgot that I was on exchange, I completely forgot that I just met this girl. And right then and there, I made a promise to myself, that I was gonna do whatever it takes, just to spend a little bit more time with her. So after we went back to Singapore, the semester just flew by, four months went by so fast, and it's time for a reality check, I obviously have to go back to Canada and she have to go back to Sydney. And Singapore is about to kick us out within 4 weeks from now, but I was thinking that, I'm not ready to let go this, I want to spend just a little bit more time. I will do whatever it takes just to spend a little more time with Kelyne. So here am I, I'm asking for help, I have nearly nothing left as Singapore Expenses is so damn high. I'll use the funds to buy the air ticket to Sydney. And give her a surprise. I'll be staying there for 14 days until I burnt out or even do some part time job there. Thank you for reading until this point. Your donation is highly appreciate, every support counts. BE THE REASON WHY TWO DUMB LOVERS CAN STAY TOGETHER!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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