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Help me get back on my feet and be able to see my sons.

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A few years ago, my life looked great on paper. Had a well paid job, and settled down with my wife and kids in a suburban area not far from the capital city of Malaysia. Basically, my wife and I made enough money to support ourselves and our lifestyles.

Then, a crisis hit. Due to mundane daily tasks at work, I felt like my potentials were not fully utilised. I got into running my own business. Then, one bad decision lead to another and another. As a result, I lost my business in 2016. I am now in mountain of debts. Most of my family's financial commitments rest on my wife's shoulders.

Last year, I lost my car due to unpaid loans. On 31st Dec 2018, to add salt to the wounds, wife received an instruction for work transfer. What a way to greet a new year.

Now, my family lives more than 2 hours away from me (if travelling by car). Because I took so many days off work due to handling their transfers and at that time, I couldn't bear yet to be separated from my sons, I was asked to "resign" from the 2 companies I worked for at that time. One, was a sales Company. The other, a Tuition Center. It saddened me of course, especially to let go of the teaching job. What a way to spend my birthday month, February.

With no money, no family nearby, debts piling up around me, I am falling apart. I can't even afford to visit my kids as often as I should.

I am blessed for my 2 English storybooks, published earlier this year. Currently, I have 3 other book manuscripts ready and 1 is work in progress.

For the 1 manuscript still under development, when the time comes, I plan to pursue it as a screenwriting. I want to penetrate Hollywood one day, with my ideas of movie storylines (including this one that I hold dearly).

Two of the completed manuscripts are English storybooks for younger children. These will have to hold. When my plans for the other manuscript have come to fruition, I will either look for publishers or to self publish these 2 titles.

The one manuscript that I wish to pursue now as a business is about a parenting topic. An editor has already completed editing the book.

My plan is to publish this parenting book as an e-book. Then, create a business surrounding this topic.

Part of the funds will cover the initial costs such as creating a book cover, paying for domain name and web hosting, outsourcing for products etc.

I know that setting up a business based on the parenting book will not immediately afford me a living. I am doing some freelance work at the same time (sales, writing and others).

The remaining amount is to cover expenses for the coming month:

1) Travelling costs to visit my family

2) Travelling costs to meet with prospects and clients for my freelance sales work

3) To cover part of my monthly debt commitments

I end this with sending my heartfelt Thanks to those who take time in reading this, those who support, or simply, who share this cause. Thank you so very much..!!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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