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Platform for people to share food anywhere, anytime for free

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This is it, the story to save millions, dollars and people. Enough of awareness through campaigns and concert. We need just one solution and it's here just on your fingertips. Do you know that roughly one third of the food processed in the world for human consumption every year which approximately 1.3 billion tonnes were lost or wasted. Meaning every 3 human being 1 of them is under fed coz his food is wasted. Food losses and waste amounts to roughly US$ 680 billion in industrialized countries and US$ 310 billion in developing countries. That's almost a trillion US dollars worth of food wasted. A new startup company was called upon to realise a dream. A dream of a great platform that will put food wastage at bay . This beacon of hope to millions of people  is called oh!, a one of its kind platform, a unique application you can either surf or download for free to share your overabundance good food with everyone around you who are using the same apps for free of charge. The system is easy. The user can just take the picture of the overabundance food ,extra or even new food then post it on oh!, and those who are around your area up to 10km radius will get an update about the food you posted and than they can request for it and its up to the supplier to select the requester. The food receiver then will collect the food at the supplier's residence or they can just meet up outside. Yup! All of this is for free, there'll be no charge at all for every food that you give or received. Can you imagine how this can be a great movement of mankind? This is truly a miracle that will saved all the overabundance good food from getting wasted but shared with your love once. This platform is the sustainable end to trillions of dollars worth of good food from getting lost or wasted. A platform of a tasteful pursuit and a salvationists. As you are reading this, food is trashed, been thrown away, spoilt and wasted, wait no more support and donate this movement now  and let's make a pledge to mother earth, that we will support this movement to save her and everything that she sustain. For a better healthier place! Be part, make a start now and donate for a good cause. As for the pioneer market we have embarked and now saving the startup area which starts from the Klang Valley and expanded nationwide all over Malaysia. Since the acceptance is so overwhelming, the marketing and development cost is really high and rising these days, we need everyone's help to support this act so that we can expand not just in Malaysia but all countries in this world.

Since we are the pioneer company investing in a new product which has no example to follow through, means more efforts and that means more money. One of the main challenges is to;

Generate Traffic and Leads in introducing Ohfreefood! Generating enough traffic and leads is the top marketing challenge. Clearly, marketers are struggling with producing enough story for their content. And as the year's progress and competition stiffen, this will only become truer. With so many options of platforms for marketers to publish their content and even more ways to promote it, it's hard to know where to focus our efforts. 

Secondly is in evaluating our ROI (return on investment) of our marketing activities has remained a top marketing challenge. We need to hire more professionals to guide us through this path. Managing a website and social media were the third biggest challenge for a startup company like us. And chances are, our website's performance needs to be high on the list of priorities. It's an asset that works around the clock to draw in visitors, convert them, and help you hit your goals, after all. Targeting is a key component of all aspects of marketing. To be more effective at targeting, one of the first things any marketer needs do is identify the markets and to determine who it is they should be marketing to, and this requires a lot of money, people and time to invest. As companies scale and technologies continue to evolve, training your team will become a greater challenge for marketers. Whether it's training them on the concepts and tools they'll be using every day or making sure they're achieving their full potential, the struggle is real across the board. 

Last but not least is hiring top talent was one of the biggest challenges. Why? Many companies are shifting more resources to inbound marketing, which means higher and higher demand for top marketing talent. But supply simply isn't keeping up. From sourcing the right candidates to evaluating for the right skills, finding the perfect person could take months ... or more. So basically, as much as resources in manpower, facilities, knowledge and so on, capital is what makes it possible, in today's world, the cost in marketing itself can kill the company's existence hence we need your continuous support from all angles in making this effort a reality.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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