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I want to help those people who are facing health problem.

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Hello everyone! Good day!

My name is Adison from malaysia.

I often doing a charity program to help poor community by giving them a free nanotechnology cream to improve their hormone balance. i currently seek support for my continues project and help about 7 family this near future!

I doing a charity project since long ago

Beside i am an employee man whose sell commercial vehicle, i often help people and doing charity by giving a free product especially for the poor community that need help in health problem

I and several of my friends often visiting rural area, that we often found some people whose unfortunate and unable to go to doctor to do treatment and cure their diseases.

Not only giving them the free product, i also doing some explanation about its importance and give some treatment for them

About this nanotechnology cream

This nanotechnology cream have a lot benefit and already have many good testimony from the user whose use it. Even the worst health condition like been bedridden for years and after applying that nano technology cream become healthy. It's more like hormone balance cream.

This nanotechnology cream also able to help some patient with hepatitis, skin disease and diabetes, and squint-eyed

My Charity plan

After did several survey to some rural area, i found about 7 family that needed help.

I want to help those poor community and improve their health condition by giving them FREE for each one who need it for 2 months.

I often use my own pocket money to help some poor family, but i hope with this airfunding platform, it can less my burden.

Details on needed funds

I would like to raise $600

The detail of usage is to buy 14 bottle of the nanotechnology cream and distribute to the 7 family. (1 bottle is cost about 180 MYR or 45 USD)

Help my charity's plan became true!

If i collected enough funds, i will going to the 7 family which already i visit before and Will do another visit then give the the product. I will doing visit them for another month and see the improvement of them

I hope i can able collect enough funds to help them!

Thank you so much in advance!

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