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Hi! I am Evan Anak Borneo, an independent songwriter and music producer that previously a vocalist from Kitai Anak Borneo (KAB), a Sarawakian band who make mandarin music with sarawakian cultural fusion.

Music genre of Anak Borneo are mainly contemporary music (rock, country and reggae) and local traditional music fusion. I try to innovate the elements of sarawakian art and modern pop,  bring more possibilities to local music scene. The contents of Anak Borneo’s songs are mostly related to culture, daily life and current issues of sarawakian. 

I am here to collect fund for the MVs of  three songs that going to be released this year. The songs that I wrote are related to culture, native right, environmental issues and local current issues. 



>To produce quality, recognizable and innovative music that have strong influences of local culture and traditional art at the sametime deliver strong contents and stories.


>Inspire our and coming generation to love and appreciate the culture of our own more and start provide more innovative ideas on local art scene.

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