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I Want School Aid For University Entrance

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the flag image of country Alisa Sarah

Hello! I'm Anis from Malaysia! I have 3 siblings who are currently studying. Two of them are colleagues and the the other one is still in primary school.

Our household income is less than 150 USD. My mom is the only one who has a job. She is working as a teacher in High school.

My father doesn't work because his health condition. He is suffering hemorrhoids. He tried several times to work but with his condition, he cannot do heavy work. He went to get treatment but it only heals for about 6 months. After that his condition is getting worst.

We only depends on our mother in supporting our needs. Her salary did not enough to support me next year as I am going to further my studies in university.

I really hope that whoever read my story can help me by giving fund for my education.

I promise that I will study hard with your help as a sign of my gratitude towards all of you.

Thank you very much for your kindness. I hope you will showered with bless!

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