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Help me to stand up and fight for justice

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Hi guys

My name is ashyful, people called me ash and i am from Malaysia.

Maybe some of you might know me already through Couchsurfing, Facebook or in person.

This year, i was deceived by my business partner and he kick me out from the business we build together from the scratch. I am here to gain your support to seek some justice and help me fight and win this battle against my business partner.

This fund I will use to get legal advice and continue to start fresh in others place that I can call home and find stranger that I can call them family

I was deceived by my business partner

Past of the year, I’m hosting people around the world base on kindness and respect. While I’m give my heart to stranger ,I’m struggling with my life with cyber bullies and with my own business partner.

Before, together with my business partner, an idea came out to make our business together. we registered our company on 2017 as wholesale seafood, we export seafood product from Borneo island and distributed our product around globe.

Time the time passed, we manage this company as a team and everything run as what we plan and wanted

But on March 2019, he start to become different person. He made too many mistake and he try to hide something from me as his business partner. He falsified officials document to cover up his mistake and on May 2019 I been kicked off from company by him as he registered my fake resignation letter

For past 2 years working, I came to the bottom of my life. I been used for 2 years without pay anything (salary/allowance).

I seek for justice and legal act to fight him

Since April 2019, I fight for my right and nothing work out as this will be long battle against his company. He took all my financial support and slander me thru social media and make more slander day by day.

Till October 2019, after few month trying to fight for justice, I felt hard to ground as my family throw me out at the moment they receive ridiculous slander that mention I had involve with loan shark and sexual harassment. I walked away from my family as their wishers. There only family and financial support I had that time. At one point I feel this life is really unfair and really hard for me.

My current condition

Currently I’m still try to get strength and stand up against this people who love to see me buried under the ground. Since that day I live based people help. I’m currently stay on street and sometimes strangers give their place to stay for few night. I don’t have to mention about food And my daily need as I’m putting myself homeless.

I’m still lucky that I met one lady that offer me her place for awhile. Currently i am try to come back as startup coach but it seem impossible as my reputation have damage with slander and fake news.

i really wish i can get over this problem through legal ways and clean my name, so i can start my fresh new life again.

Details on needed funds

Here for I’m make huge decisions and seeking for kindness from anybody who know me or not to help me fight and win this battle against my business partner.

With this fund I will use to get legal advice and continue to start fresh in others place that I can call home and find stranger that I can call them family.

Unfortunately, to process a legal ways is expensive for myself to carried alone, i need at least about $30,000 to clear this problem. But i want to overcome to the first stage first to open this project to court i need some amount i explained below

Please help me to fight in right ways

Doesn’t matter what you can give nor money or support. I will appreciate and it will help me a lot. I will update all fund that i use..and please send me an email if you looking forward to help me with warm word (

My god bless you and hope with your donation And support. For more detail please kindly email me

I wish this will be my last result. But if this project not fully fund I will try my best to find part time job and work with what ever I have.

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