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Help me to finish my study (the story of selling Indonesian sweet food for school fee).

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Hi guys!

My name is Mohd Alaf Firdaus from Kota Belud, Sabah, Malaysia. I'm studying Accountancy Diploma Program at Mara Technology University, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

I am raised by grandma (almost 70 yo) because my parents couldn't afford to fund my education.

My father is just a factory worker and my mother is just a housewife. I have 2 brothers and a sister. I’m the oldest among my siblings. I love my family, and will be proud to take any responsibility.

My grandma who had retired 8 years ago gives me RM 300 every month that is 3/5 from her penchant salary. Thankfully, my grand-uncle also fund my study at University and it helps a lot. Despite of all support, I still have to loan some money from PTPN to pay my University fee. I save extra money I got for my pocket money.

Why I'm doing this project?

I come from a less fortunate family, I plan to reduce my family burden by selling Markobe while studying.

I aim to be independent, free from loan because I don’t want any debt after I graduate. It's the only way to help me focus more on my studies because I couldn’t apply for a scholarship due to my results that don’t fill their requirements.

What is Markobe?,

Markobe is known as Martabak Manis or Sweet Martabak. We can see it like pizza but in the sweet form. It’s one of the main attraction food in Kota Belud that come all way from Indonesia.

My father’s cousin was married to a guy from Indonesia and after they married, they open a restaurant called Dapur Raos. A restaurant that serves Indonesian food recipes in Kota Belud.

This is my Uncle Maman holding his Markobe, by the way he is from Indonesia.

Markobe had a hit since it was been introduce from last year until today due to its sweetness and yumminess.

There is many variety flavour of Markobe that come in different size.

All the picture is credit to My Uncle Maman and his home facebook page.

Where will I sell Markobe?

Markobe only famous at Kota Belud and not yet going out to another place. So my aim is opening a branch at Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Sabah, the biggest modern city in Sabah.

There is no competition in selling Markobe and it’s not yet known by many. I would like to sell it in my University by permission.

Based on a lot of research and analysis I made, the chance for this project is 82% will work. UiTM students and citizen of Kota Kinabalu like to eat sweet food and try eating things that they usually don't find at another place. Furthermore, I want to promote the existing of Markobe in Kota Kinabalu.

How much do I need?

1.RM 800 is for my healthy check-up, making license and handling food certified. 

2.RM 2000 for making the stall and buying the equipment to make the Markobe. 

3.RM 1250 for 6 months supply of Ingredients for making Markobe. 

4.RM 650 is for emergency use. 

The total amount that I need is RM 4,700 or $1,135 USD to run this business. My dream is to be a young entrepreneur and inspire other young people like me to be more independent and have flexible freedom than having loan.

What is my mission?

My main objective is to free my self from loans, ease the burden of my family, and yes to fund my education. Further more, I want to inspire young people like me to do the same. This business will help increase my accounting knowledge especial to my Management Accounting skills.

Right now I'm focusing on my study because I will have my final exam for semester 3 around the corner. I had 3 more semesters to go and I need funding from other to help me to start-up this business so I could fund my education.

Thank you friends!

Special thanks to my friends. We've had great time together!

Thank you for reading and I hope you guys at least can share with other even you couldn't support me by money.

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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