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We want to build an Integrated Agriculture Community Center

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We are a group of young villagers who are trying to change the mindset of almost all the people in our village to stop using chemical substances in agriculture.

We (5 of us) all live in a village called Kampung Seligi, Pasir Puteh, Kelantan, Malaysia.

Puncak Darul Naim Goal

PUNCAK DARUL NAIM - (Persatuan Usahawan Tani Cinta Alam Kelantan Darul Naim) is a NGO registered in Malaysia since 2016

We are trying to prove to them that natural or organic farming is better in growing their vegetables or poultry.

We also try to show them how things can be done without going out to town just to buy chemical fertilizer or pesticides.

We work as a paddy farmer. We used to try to convince paddy farmers around our paddy field to change the to organic farming but it was unsuccessful. We could not prove them the best paddy production result because we were surrounded by other paddy farmers who still using chemical substances in their paddy field.

Seligi Integrated Agriculture Community's project

We named this project as Seligi Integrated Agriculture Community Center or in Malay Pusat Komuniti Pertanian Bersepadu Seligi (PKPB Seligi).

We built this place on one of our member's land in Kg. Seligi. Our main objectives are to show our villages how everything in agriculture can be successful without any additional chemical inputs- which is highly used in Padi Field, Poultry farm, monoculture farm like sugar cane & sweet corn. This all can be found in our village, Kg. Seligi

This time we manage to rent a land about an acre to start our natural farming activities and to prove to villagers that organic farming method is much cheaper, ecosystem friendly, and safe.

We already started a nursery for planting vegetables and building a poultry barn. We also build small ponds to grow Azolla to feed poultry and as a natural fertilizer.

usage of the funds

The total fund that we might get from airfunding is about USD1380 (minus 8% service charges) which is about RM5,500. This amount we can use to

1. Start making fish & freshwater prawn ponds; integrated with tanks to water to organic plants; also integrated with Azolla ponds to exchange the water and become natural fertilizer for Azolla - estimated RM4,000

2. To start to build racks to put bio ponds for BSF Larvae and Love cage for adult BSF - estimated RM1,500

Help us in completing our project plan

Right now our pace in completing the project is very slow because we do not have any more funds to spend on buying materials, to make tube well, to buy canvas for making more Azolla and fish ponds, to buy a variety of vegetables and plants seeds and many more.

Our individual team members' incomes are not much, and our progress is very slow. We do need financial help to at least uplift our member's spirit and to show them we are not alone in this and there will be someone out there supporting our efforts

You could find our activities on our Facebook page

We will really appreciated any kind of your help

Thank you so much in advance!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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