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I want to repair my camera for my assignment.

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Hi guys, my name is Mohamad Sufyan and i'm a full time student at Technolgy MARA University in Shah Alam, Malaysia. This is my second last semester for my degree. I'm also a freelance videographer. 

My lecturer assigned an individual  assignment which is "People from a different cultures". I'm decided to go to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Why i'm choosing that place? It's because they're known for its tradtional arts and culture heritage.

 I'm creating this crowdfunding because i want to repair my camera for the assignment and to pay the flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Adisucipto International Airport.

My camera, Sony A7ii currently having a problem with the main board. I can't even switch on the camera. I asked the Sony Service Centre how much it will cost to repair the camera and the technician said it will cost me at least MYR 1600 (383.50 USD) not including the service charge and 6% GST Tax.

I really need to repair this camera because i will use this camera to take the picture and video for my assignment.

Next, i will use the money to pay the 2 ways flight ticket from Malaysia to Indonesia and from Indonesia back to Malaysia which is cost me MYR400 (95.88 USD). I'm planning to go to Yogyakarta 20-27 February 2020.

The rest of the money i will spend on hotel,food and admission fees.I'm really need to finish my assignment before March 2020.

Feel free to visit my Instagram page: Sufyan_Salleh

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