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I really need to replace my lost phone before final exam.

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Hello everyone, my name is Adib from Malaysia!

I'm a student, and I'm in my second year of degree.The final exam will start in about a week, but unfortunately two days ago I lost my cell phone.

This worried me, as I lost contact with my other classmates. In addition, the exam was approaching and I did not want my family in the village worried about my condition. Right now, my finances are just enough to cover my daily meal, until I enter a new semester. So I really need your help. I didn't ask for much, just to facilitate my learning and preparation for the upcoming exams. Nowadays, we all know  that all things use technology, including my own at university. One of the most important technologies is communication such as mobile phones. All the important information about the exam and also the important programs are provided online, includes communication with friends and lecturers. This is very important because in recent weeks, the lecturers will provide important tips for answering the final exam questions. So I was worried about missing out on important information before the exam started.I hope there are people who are kind, understanding and willing to help me. May your good deeds be rewarded with greater rewards.

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