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Please i need some financial assistance to finish studying

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Hello and thank you very much for your time. My name is Kiki Bolokor (Kiki is short for Omokineovo) I studying in Malaysia I am currently doing my bachelor in Computer science in University Selangor (also known as UNISEL) in Malaysia. 

International students living here are not allowed to do part-time.

My mother is just barely getting by with all the bebt that she has, but with some help I would be able to pay for my what I owe and complete my remaining semesters. She has sacrificed so much for me. 

I would be able to pay of my debt to the university and also pay my fees for the remaining semesters. I can borrow some money for living expenses.

Please I would be most grateful for any assistance that anything would do.

Thank you so much for you generosity :)

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