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Hello every one, a very good and bless day to all. I am Danial, a bachelor orphan suffering from chronic diabetes and serious spinal cord dislocation injury.

Currently, I am bed ridden and house ridden without a job.

I'm here to ask help for my plight and misery to recover, start working and get a new leaf and second chance in life, so I'm pleading and begging for support from all the God loving and caring honest people to help me please on my quest to survival. I hope to recover and pursue my dreams too and build back a life.

Cost Of Action For Funds.

The first thing i will do if get the funds is do my surgery to fix my spinal cord and pankreas to produce insulin as recommended by surgeon specialist.The surgery itself will cost me MYR 5000 . But due to my diabetes, surgeons advise me to do laser surgery, as would heal and wont spread. But I will face risk of scars and part of body operated being numb.

And also the risk that the wound wont heal fast and spread. But they assured me 24hrs close monitoring by medical team set to observe me. Trust me everyone, the pain and burden I am facing is unbearable. I thought of jumping down my apartment a few times and end everything, but I can barely walk, sleep, sit, stand and more ever crawl over the balcony n jump. thats y m still alive ,maybe.

The hospitalization will cost me MYR 4990 for 14 days.The funds i get i will use for the surgery and admission first to recover.Then my medication and supplement for a year supply will cost me MYR 3800 from local pharmacy. Hospital can only give basics supply for 3 months. The medication is prescribe special healing medication to support fast recovery. And my wheel chair will cost MYR 600.Thats why i need that much funds.

I tried going welfare and NGO but all turn me down maybe coz orphan and due to favour taking. Friends are also useless and been cheated many times and lost my savings. That is why have to beg n plea now. Maybe thats what they want, and are laughing at me now. Some people have everything but not happy. Some have little but are happy. I have neither and I'm devastated.

So thats how the funds will be use. And all those who support me and donate, I also ask they pray for my safety, recovery and wish I can still be alive to see the light next day. I'm also going weaker as have no money at all now to eat n spend. I'm only surviving on coffee, tea and little oatmeal I have left. Thanks a for reading and reaching out to me, may God bless all and family, n keep healthy. A prosperous n happy new to all too.



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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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