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Funds a Laboratory Test on 5 kinds of Coconut Oils

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Hello everyone!

My name Shuhaimi, 40 years old, from Kuala Lumpur. I am the founder of the VCO brand RantaiRahsia. And this is me with my elderly mother who got the super benefit of Virgin Coconut Oil

Help save a life with coconut oil.

I was born and raised in a village surrounded by coconut trees but only now I realize that it can save a life. I have decided to do this project after I learn about coconut oil for 3 years to help my elderly mother that suffering Parkinson’s stage 4.

I used to add VCO in my mother's daily menu every day. In the morning, I add to her hot drink, either coffee, tea or cereal. In the afternoon I add to her porridge and a hot drink. In the beginning, I gave her VCO to ease her constipation, digestion, after some time I noticed she got a better appetite, energy, less get a fever and ease her Parkinson's too. I also use VCO a lot to massage her body.

Now my mother is so much better.

Help me do further research on Coconut Oil

The difference between the types of coconut oil is measured and its quality determined by its antioxidant content. This is because the content of fatty acid values does not differ significantly from each of the different production methods.

Therefore, I would like to find the answer by conducting the laboratory test for the following five coconut oil types:

a) HeVCO - Fermentation Wet-Milling

b) Cold Pressed - Centrifugal

c) Cold Pressed - Expeller Pressed

d) Cold Pressed - Hydraulic Pressed

e) Cold Pressed - Raw

The result of the laboratory test will help consumers to identify virgin coconut oils that have the highest antioxidant value, that works effectively as medicinal remedies and fasten the healing process. This also to avoid consumer being exploited by low-quality virgin coconut oil.

The Plan and Budget

To find a satisfactory conclusion, I need to carry out the test with a publicly recognized laboratory, i.e. Universiti Pertanian Malaysia Laboratory.

The test will cover DPPH Scavenging Activity, Total Phenolic Content and Phenolic Extraction of those 5 types of virgin coconut oils samples.

Per my price quotation, the cost for the test is RM 6,490.00 or $ 1,600 USD. Please find the price quotation attached:

And the test will take 1 to 2 months to get the final results.

Please help me fund the Lab Test

The laboratory test result will help people to cure illness, thus saving the medical bill. An it will benefit our community because we have abundant coconut trees.

I hope this will help everybody especially those less fortunate in a rural area to get more awareness about coconut oil.

Please help.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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