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Help my cats- bladder infection and kidney problem

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My cat's name is Casper, he had few episodes of urine blockage problem since October 2019, After few time unblocked at the first vet I went, he finally get Pu surgery. But one month later he still had urine problem and blockage. I went to the first vet but its was a holiday season the surgery doctor were on leave so they suggest to send him to other vet to urgently proceed the 2nd PU surgery. But after 10 days warded and back home for few days he still blocked before the date of his review, so he warded again  for few days, and its repeated again just in few days and warded again. few times going to vet warded to unblock/ flush his bladder but he still can't pee because his bladder infection isn't cure.

 I'm out of budget and there was no credit term at the 2nd vet so I went back to the first vet who willing to let me pay instalment.Few times going to vet warded to unblock/ flush his bladder but he still can't pee because his bladder infection isn't cure. His urine mixed with mucus that makes him always in pain, he peed very little.

He start vomiting and no appetite to eat. He only eat by force feed. The only things he still want is to licked the urinary kit cat treat which is its pretty expensive to keep up. Recent blood test showing that he start to get kidney problem stage one. Blood report showing there are white blood cells and protein in his blood. According to vet, its a sign of kidney problem, to help him by giving him kidney supplements to stop the damages in his kidney.I spend all my saving and my credit card reached the limit. I still have unpaid bills at vet . To save the cost, vet let me bring him home and I do the flush at home. He is now taking antibiotic, anti inflame ,cystaid and kidney supplement. I must flush his bladder at least 3 times a day to make sure his bladder clean and flush out the mucus.

The picture above was his urine I've flushed out. Its mixed with blood and mucus from his bladder. When his bladder full of urine mixed with mucus he will looks very weak and in pain. He just lay and resting and sometime I saw he tries to pee, He struggle to pee even with his catheter. The mucus block it and makes the the flow of the pee very tick.He still very weak and he lost lot of weight. He used to be 6.6kg weight male cat now latest weight was 4.8kg.

He actually was very weak and dying, sometimes I felt maybe its time for me to let him go so he will not suffer anymore. But somehow, he now slowly showing progress.

Yes I still need to force feed him but at least he is now can walked around and started meowing at me, start to sit next to me and sleep in my bed next to me. Picture below is Casper when he feeling a bit better and wanted to sleep next to me at my bed

.I don't put him in a cage to make less stress environment  for him, because stress will makes his situation get worse. When I back home from work and call out his name he slowly walking and showing his face to me. I know he is very weak but he still want to greet me and that really break my heart!

I am working so he didn't eat the whole day so I know he was weak and maybe dehydrated too. I need to flush him before feed him or else he will vomiting because his bladder are full. I cannot feed him a lot too, because its seem his digestion not working so good. I've tried to feed him more before I went to work to make sure hes not dehydrated while I'm at work but turned out he puke all the food I feed him. So I learned to give him a little only, its around 5ml to 7ml  blended wet food. I'm very worried looking at him because he keep loosing his weight and I can see his bone in his skin everywhere on his body.

I googled and tried a lot of home remedies such as juice of white radish, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera juice, cranberry juice, transfer factor supplements and multivitamin. I'm currently feed him with kit cat wet food brand. I blend the wet food so I can feed him with syringe. When my budget are so tight I cook breast chicken and blend it with chicken soup. But frozen chicken breast doesn't smell good as canned wet food. He refused to drink it. 

Casper is not just a pet for me, he is part of my family and I don't want to give up on him. He showed a little progress. Its break my heart to see him in pain and suffer. But I believe he still have chances to have a good life and be healthy again. But I don't know where to get money to pay all the debt. Interest on my credit card getting higher and I still need to pay balance of my vet bills and the same time need to maintain his urinary diet which is it a bit expensive to keep up. I also have another 11 cats to feed. 8 of them including Casper is my own cat and 3 others cats is stray cats who live in my garage and backyard. One of the stray recently decided to move in. Due of tight budget my other cats missed their yearly booster vaccines.

I search more info how to cure bladder infection and how to help cats with kidney problem. I found a group -cats with urinary tract problem and I read a comment about gofundme in one of the post. So I decided to try myself to get help with my cat. But its actually only for american, so I try to search gofundme for Malaysia and found Airfunding so here I am trying this funding project.

If I get a donation on this Airfunding, I will pay my balance of my vet bills and to funds his medicine, supplements and renal or urinary food. Reduce my debt so I can take care of Casper and all my other cats. I will be very grateful to be help on my cat situation and my financial problem on my journey for getting him to be healthy again. I always donated to the shelter before, I never  thought that now I am the one who asking for help to get funds to keep my cat alive. I am really thankful to who ever willing to help and donate. Thank you very much in advance.

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