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Protective Goggle Donation to Malaysia COVID19 frontliners.

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Youtube links showing truth condition of our medical frontliners.




Good day ladies and gentlemen, My name is Ace Heng, I am the director of operations at the Asian Blockchain Development. Also, a member of Mensa which is the largest and oldest High IQ society in the world where we strive for personal and meaningful enrichment for individuals.


Coronavirus has had a great impact on Malaysia. It's affected basically all sectors of the economy. This virus was first confirmed on 25th January, 2020, when it was first contained up untill March when the first mass cases were identified which were linked to a religious gathering in Kuala Lumpur. After the event, Malaysia, the country with the highest number of confirmed cases in South East Asia currently with above 61 people reported dead. With concerns within all sectors, measures were enacted to help curb this pandemic and in line with that, a movement control order(MCO) was enacted on the 18th of March to further curb the spread. It is in this regard I am soliciting for funds to donate to the frontliners.


In a country with population just above 32 million people, we have confirmed cases of about 4,530persons and over 73 deaths in 1 and half month. If the disease continues to spread in this form we might have another hit on our population like what is happening to the United States, Spain and Italy. With the lockdown initiated, and a possible extension till May, we have serious concerns for our citizens as it relates food, relief materials, medical equipments, kits and PPE to help our frontline members while they are out there fighting this war against Coronavirus. It is in line with this that I came up with the idea to initiate the "Protective Goggle Donation" to our frontline medical staffs. Study showing that COVID-19 May Be Transmitted Through the Eye (Ref 1). We already have almost 100 healthcare workers infected by COVID-19 and 1 in ICU. (Ref 2)


During this mandatory control order, some of our small medical facilities are experiencing shortage of protective suits head cover(PPE) among others. Already, I have donated items like ginger supplements and 500 pvc boots to the front liners but now I'm short of funds to proceed further. I had earlier made contacts and found 500 sets of protective goggle, which can be delivered to Hospital Sungai Buloh Covid-19 front liners. The products were found in Malaysia and they are ready to be given to Hospital Sungai Buloh.

Going forward, we need at least USD 1500 to get 500 pairs of protective goggles for our frontliners in Malaysia Hospital of which you can see below in the video how unkitted they are and also, at a risk of contact. (Ref 5)


I want to profess my unending gratitude to our potential donors towards this cause. This is one global fight that we need come together and send it out of our society. Thank you once again for having the good people of Malaysia at heart.

Best Regards

Ace Heng

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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