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Need money to bring my baby to see her grandparent in Iraq

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"To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it."

Journey to one of war country.

Yes, its one of war country where are my family live. But I need to go to see them.  4 years I am married and I didn't meet my family even they didn't see my daughter yet. Now I live in Malaysia. 

From she born until almost 2 years old.

My husband still doesn't have a job and a student. The money we have only enough for this small family eat, rent a house and for the baby.

What I dream with this small family.

If my husband still can't get a job in Malaysia we still can't go back to Iraq. Because my dream to let my baby live in a good country without worry about war.I want my baby will get a good place for her education, growing environment. 

My small family true dream.

I would love to live in a place like Hyde(Turkey). That place calm and peaceful. I have more money from this crowdfunding I will start to build the dream step by step. The important thing needs to learn the language. 

Hope this journey will get support from all over the world.

Your small support could accomplish a big dream!

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